Carpet Cleaning Tips - Before, During, And After A Party

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Carpet Cleaning Tips - Before, During, And After A Party

25 September 2015
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If you are planning to have a party in your home, prepping your house for possible spills and accidents will be a must. One area of your home you shouldn't forget about are your carpets. There are things that you can do that will help with cleaning before, during and after an event. Here are tips for all stages of your next party when it comes to carpet protection and cleaning.

STAGE ONE - Getting Ready for Your Party

There is no need to do a deep clean of your carpets before your guests arrive since your carpeting will probably just need cleaning again after your party. No one will notice a little wear and tear if the lights are low and your house is packed. Laying down some rugs in highly trafficked areas can help to catch spills that would otherwise land on your carpets. Try to stick with light colored drinks and have your buffet in a room with hard flooring or outside on the deck.

STAGE TWO - During Your Party

Cleaning as you go will save you headaches the next day when it comes to your carpets. Try to catch spills with quick spot cleaning if you can. Pick up discarded drinks and plates that are on the edges of furnishings and tables and might accidentally get knocked over. Have trash bins readily available around your home for guests. When it comes to glasses, opt for tumblers rather than stemmed wine glasses that can lead to more accidental spills. If you can have ample seating, people will be less apt to walk around with food and drinks, which can curb inadvertent spilling.

STAGE THREE - After Your Party

Once your guests have gone, do a survey of the damage. Do some spot cleans if you can, and try to vacuum right away so that you can get up loose food and crumbs that can lead to staining. If there have been spills and stains during your event, this is the best time to schedule a professional cleaner, such as Clean Sweep Professional Cleaning Service. They can come and do a big clean before stains set in and smaller crumbs are ground into your carpet's pile.

If you can be smart about protecting your carpets, you will be able to enjoy yourself at your party and be a gracious host. Try to keep damage to a minimum by ensuring there will be little room for guests to cause this in the first place. Your carpets don't need to bear the brunt of your next party if you can put a little effort into minimizing damage.