The Three-Step Guide To Getting Rid Of Pet Odors

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The Three-Step Guide To Getting Rid Of Pet Odors

24 August 2016
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Does your home smell more like a pet store than a private residence? Getting rid of pet odors requires more than just spritzing your air with an air freshener or lighting a heavily scented candle. You have to actually get rid of the pet dander and oils that are lingering on your surfaces and causing the stench. Follow these three steps to get rid of pet odors more permanently and completely.

1. Clean the Carpet

Every time your pet walks across the carpet, whatever is on his or her paws, from litter remnants to smelly skin oils, ends up transferring to that carpet. These stinky components are not always removed by vacuuming, and if you don't vacuum often, they may get too deeply ground into your carpet fibers to be removed easily. That's where carpet cleaning comes in.

You can rent a carpet shampooer and shampoo the carpet yourself. Make sure you go over it at least twice, and use shampoo made especially for neutralizing pet odors. An even easier strategy is to have a professional carpet cleaning service come clean it for you. They'll use specialized products and high temperatures that may do an even better job of eliminating pet odors.

2. Clean the Upholstery

When was the last time you cleaned your couch? Or that upholstered chair in the dining room that your cat just loves to sit on? If you answered "never" or "way too long ago," it's time to change that. You can't always see when these items are dirty, since they are often dark-colored or patterned, but just like carpet, they tend to cling on to pet dander and other smelly substances.

Purchase an upholstery cleaner from your local home good store, and follow the instructions on the package. Usually, you'll have to spray the cleaner on, let it sit for a while, and then blot it up before allowing it to dry and vacuuming up the residue.

3. Clean the Pet

If you clean the whole house but the pet is still dirty, your home will grow smelly again in no time. So, give your pet a good bath in deodorizing shampoo, and then keep up with doing this every couple of weeks going forward. Also, make a habit of wiping your pet's paws off after he or she goes outside. If you have a cat, consider getting a larger litter box so your cat is less likely to step in his or her excrement when going potty.

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