3 Primary Changes To Make In Your Rental Property's Landscape To Make It More Appealing

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3 Primary Changes To Make In Your Rental Property's Landscape To Make It More Appealing

3 October 2016
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You spend a great deal of your time as a landlord or property owner ensuring that the interior of your rental property is appealing to the next prospective tenant. However, with all of the time spent making the inside just what it needs to be, it can be easy to disregard one of the most important aspects: the landscape.

Landscaping is one of the first things a tenant will notice about an apartment complex or single-family home. Therefore, it is a good idea to save some of your time, money, and energy for the exterior of the home. Here are three primary changes you can make to the landscape outside of your rental property to make it more appealing. 

Create an obvious border line for landscape features. 

If there is landscaping around the exterior of the home or building, make sure it is definitively marked to give it a more clear-cut design. For example, if you just have a few shrubs planted in grass along exterior walls of the home, it can be difficult to see where the landscaping actually begins. Landscaping can be definitively marked in a few ways. You can either create a simplistic border with mulch, gravel, or sand filler material or implement some sort of border, like concrete curbs or border stones. 

Declutter the existing landscape. 

If you have unruly shrubs growing every which way parked beside the walkway to the home or small willow trees with branches which have never been trimmed, there is a good chance the property is going to look cluttered by the unruly landscaping. Trim every tree and shrub to a tidy appearance, giving it the attention it needs to be mostly uniform in size and cut away from pertinent property details and other landscape features. 

Get rid of high-maintenance plants and trees. 

You may assume that the maintenance level of the landscaping will not matter if you let the tenant know that you will take care of trim work, weeding, and other necessary tasks. However, high-maintenance landscaping can still be a turnoff for some potential renters because they probably will not like the idea of there constantly being work done on the property outdoors. This is especially a big deal in single-family housing where privacy tends to be much more desirable than exquisite but high-maintenance landscape features. If you have plants that need constant trimming and attention, replace them with something a little less hands-on.  

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