3 Steps To Help You Clean Your Entire Window

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3 Steps To Help You Clean Your Entire Window

5 October 2016
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Some people mistakenly think that cleaning off the glass on their window means that they have cleaned their entire window. However, there are more components and areas of your window that need cleaned other than the glass. Use these steps to ensure that the next time you clean your windows, you really get them clean.

#1 Start With The Glass

When you clean your windows, the first are of your window that you should clean is the glass. When you clean your glass, you don't need to go out and purchase a glass cleaner. A homemade glass cleaner works just as well and is often more effective than store-bought class cleaners.

To make your own glass cleaner, mix up equal parts water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and add in a dash of vinegar as well. Shake the water bottle to mix these ingredients together. Do not reuse a spray bottle that once housed a store-bought cleaner; you don't know what kind of chemical residue may still be in it and you don't want to create an unsafe mixture. Purchase a new spray bottle from your local dollar store.

Spray your homemade window cleaner direction on the windows, then take crumbled up newspapers and scrub away the dirt and grim. Start at the top in one corner and work your way across and down the window. When the newspaper gets damp, use a new one until all the glass cleaner is gone and your window looks nice and shiny again.

#2 Clean The Frame

When the glass is clean, it is time to clean the window frame. The window frame is the structure that runs along the outside of your window. To clean your window frame, you only need to use dish soap.

Take a cloth and dip it inside of a warm, dish-soap water solution and then ring out the cloth. Then, take the cloth and run it along the window frame. Start at the top, then work your way down both sides of the frame and across the bottom. Make sure that you clean off the area where the lock is on the window as well.

If there is weather stripping around your window frame, you can wipe it down with the cloth as well. Weather stripping is generally a grey or black color and has a fuzzy feel to it; it is located right next to your window panes and helps keep the cold air out.

#3 Scrub The Sill

The last area that you need to clean is the window sill. This is often the direst area on your window. The window sill is the area where the glass of your window meets with the bottom of the window frame. Dust and small bugs easily accumulate in this area; they get there when your window is open.

To clean the sill, you should first take your vacuum and vacuum up all the loose dirt and bugs that are in the sill. After that, you are going to want to scrub the window sill clean with a scrub brush dipped in some nice, warm soapy water. Dry the area off with a towel when you are done.

The next time you clean your windows, don't stop with the glass. Make sure that you wipe down your window frame and thoroughly clean the window sill.