New Puppy Keeps Sneezing? Clean Your Home's Carpets

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New Puppy Keeps Sneezing? Clean Your Home's Carpets

6 October 2016
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If your new puppy sneezes or scratches constantly, you may wonder if it has allergies. Dogs can experience allergy symptoms if you expose them to contaminants. Some pets experience serious allergic reactions that can endanger their health. Here's what you should know about your carpets and pet allergies, and what you can do to keep your puppy safe.

How Can Your Carpets Affect Your Puppy?

If it's been a long time since you last cleaned your carpets, you may want to do so now. Carpets can harbor dust mites, dead insects, bacteria, and other contaminants that not only affect humans but animals as well. Like humans, the contaminants can affect your pet if they inhale, touch, or eat them. If your puppy tends to chew on everything, including the shoes and toys lying on your flooring, they can easily pick up a germ. 

The symptoms of allergies in dogs can range from sneezing to severe breathing problems. Your pet might vomit, develop skin problems or stop eating. If your puppy didn't receive all of its vaccinations to strengthen and protect its immune system, it may become ill. 

You can take steps to keep your pup safe with the right tips.

How Do You Clean Your Carpets?

Professionally cleaning your carpets with heat or steam may be one option you can choose. Steam cleaning removes contaminants from the threads or fibers of carpets, as well as sanitizes and refreshes your flooring. You could clean your carpets with residential steamers, but these may or may not be as effective as a professional cleaning. 

It's a good idea that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least every six to 12 months. If your puppy plays in high-traffic rooms, such as the living room or carpeted porch, have these areas cleaned every three months or so. A carpet cleaning contractor can discuss the best solutions for your needs when they visit your home.

After a contractor cleans your carpets, there are other things you can do to control the allergens in your home. You might have your air ducts cleaned once a year or set up an air purifier system in the home. Many contaminants, including dust and mold spores, travel by air to reach different locations and surfaces in the home.

If possible, give your puppy a quick bath after every walk. Some outdoor contaminants can stick to your pet's paws and fur when they play in grass or weeds. Also, clean your pet's toys daily to keep the allergens in check.

For more details about keeping your new puppy free of allergies, contact a carpet cleaning contractor like Wilson Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, LLC.