3 Upholstery Cleaning Tips To Get Your Furniture Looking Like New Again

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3 Upholstery Cleaning Tips To Get Your Furniture Looking Like New Again

25 October 2016
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Has your sofa or couch seen better days? If your furniture has been the victim of a spill or maybe is just starting to look a bit weathered after years of use, your first thought might be to head to the furniture store and buy something new. But brand new furniture certainly isn't cheap. Luckily, with the right tools, you might be able to clean your upholstery so that it looks just as good as the day it was purchased. Here are three upholstery cleaning tips to keep in mind.

Always Check The Tags First

Before you do anything to your furniture, you need to make sure you are not going to make the problem worse by disobeying the guidelines provided on your upholstery's furniture tag. Make sure you won't be using any substances or methods that don't mix well with the type of furniture you will be cleaning.

Know What Kind of Stain You Are Dealing With

For effective cleaning, you need to know your enemy. Food stains like wine or stains from a pet typically can be handled with a steam cleaner. But for oil-based stains, you may need some specific chemicals.

Vacuum Before Applying Steam or Any Cleaning Liquid

You know all of those attachments for your vacuum cleaner that have stayed inside your closet for years? It's time to actually put them to work. In order for steam or any other kind of cleaning to be effective, you need to make sure your furniture is clear of anything that might get in the way and complicate the process. Vacuum the upholstery all over, including under the cushions. You don't want to suddenly discover a bunch of food crumbs while you are in the middle of a steam cleaning.

So you've checked the tags, identified the stain, and given your upholstery a pre-cleaning vacuuming. Whether you are using steam or a chemical-based cleaner, it's important to note that the stain might not completely remove itself with just one treatment. If you are having an especially difficult time removing a stain, there's no shame in calling in a professional upholstery cleaning service for help, such as Atlantic Carpet Care. In fact, you may find the price of the cleaning service to be about equal to what you would have to pay to buy your own steamer or chemicals. Reach out to a local cleaning service today for more information.