Have Your Dry Cleaned Your Luggage? Why It's Gross Not To

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Have Your Dry Cleaned Your Luggage? Why It's Gross Not To

27 October 2016
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If you have a lot of luggage and you travel frequently, having it dry cleaned as needed is important. The dry cleaning isn't just going to keep the luggage looking nice, but it's also going to improve longevity and help keep you healthy. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before you bring your luggage into the house. Consider getting it dry cleaned at a place like American Cleaners every time the following scenarios come into play.

Pest Infestation

Your luggage should go to the dry cleaners any time that you have had a pest infestation in your home, or if you think that you've brought pests home through your luggage. The dry cleaning process will help to kill the insects with heat, and the entire units will be cleaned. It would be far too difficult to try to stick your own luggage in one of your washing machines, and you want to make sure it's treated properly.

Any Travel

During travel in a taxi, bus, plane, or any mode of transportation or in a hotel, your luggage is exposed to a variety of things. The luggage is exposed to:

  • Bacteria that causes illness and infection
  • Insects like bed bugs
  • Dirt and oil

Any time you travel you want to have the items cleaned by professionals so you don't bring what was caught on the luggage back into your home.

Stains or Odors

As soon as you see a stain or you notice an odor coming out of the luggage, it's time to take the luggage to the professionals to get them cleaned so the stains don't become permanent. Also, if the odors are embedded into the fabrics and the bacteria spread, it can become very difficult or impossible to get the odors out, so treat the problems right away.

Luggage isn't cheap to purchase and you don't want to invest the money into replacing your luggage frequently because it looks old and dingy, and because you didn't take proper care of it. It's important to get the luggage cleaned whenever needed, so you can preserve the way it looks, and prevent insects or toxins from coming inside of your home. If you have the luggage in your vehicle a lot, you also want to have the vehicle detailed, since the luggage could contaminate your vehicle after you've been traveling and the luggage is dirty or has insects inside it.