3 Stubborn Stains DIY Tricks Probably Won't Help You Remove

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3 Stubborn Stains DIY Tricks Probably Won't Help You Remove

2 November 2016
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Carpet has its advantages inside the home but it does not come without its bothersome maintenance requirements. Over time, anything from food to mud and everything in between can get on your carpet. If you are like most, you will scope out the internet for DIY hacks to eliminate the stains you are dealing with. However, not every type of stain is easy to remove with simple at-home solutions. Here is a look at three common carpet stains that would be better handled by a professional. 


This one may sound logical as one stain that would require a professional for help. But you would be surprised to find some of the unusual recommendations about removing bleach from your carpet. Some claim you should dilute the bleach immediately with a large amount of water, which would leave you with watered-down bleach hanging out in your carpet and padding and could just make the issue more widespread. There are even claims that blotting up the bleach and then using a crayon to fill in the discolored spots is a good idea. A professional carpet cleaner will use their heavy-suction machines to eliminate the bleach residue and can even use small amounts of carpet dye to cover any spots left behind. 

Candle Wax

If you spill candle wax on your carpet, you have a mess for sure. If you check online  for tips and tricks to bust this ugly stain, you will probably come out with a list of things to use like ice or even boiling water. The fact is, unless you have professional carpet cleaning equipment, removing any type of wax is going to be a practically impossible feat. You may be able to get a small amount of the wax out, but most of the time, the discoloration will remain because the wax seeps into the fibers of the carpet. 

Pet Urine

If you catch a spot of pet urine right away, you can usually blot most of it away with a towel and use soap and water to scrub away the remainder. However, if urine is allowed to linger on the carpet for a long time, the stain will definitely settle in. Removing a pet urine stain is hard because the ammonia in the urine actually can alter the hue of the fabric fibers themselves, causing them to take on the telltale brown or yellow tone. 

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