Clean Carpets And A Healthy Home

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Clean Carpets And A Healthy Home

3 November 2016
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You know that you can really increase the "cozy-factor" in your home by covering your floors with soft, warm carpeting, but keeping it in shipshape condition is vital. Most carpet manufactures require that their product be professionally cleaned in order to maintain the warranty, and for good reason. Dirt and debris that can lodge in carpeting can gradually wear down those fibers, which will definitely make it look and feel an lot less desirable. A worn-out appearance is only the beginning, however. A dirty carpet can harbor unhealthy pollutants and irritants, putting your family's health at risk. Read on to learn how you can ensure a healthy home by keeping your carpets clean.

Pollutants in Your Home

Most people expect to find the everyday dirt that gets tracked in from the outdoors in their carpets, but it's really the stuff you cannot actually see that is the worst of the problem. Tiny irritants like bug parts, dust and pet dander are not only probably hiding in your carpet right now, but the usual method of vacuuming could just make matters worse. If you could actually see the microscopic organisms that fly through the air when you sweep your vacuum across your carpet, you would cringe in horror.

Calling in a Professional

A simple vacuuming cannot address the problem adequately, but a professional carpet cleaning company is well-equipped to address this issue. Special cleaning solutions prevent bacteria from circulating into the air and simultaneously kill the bacteria. The removal of this debris is just as important, and a very powerful suction machine is used to remove the dirty solution and irritants, leaving your carpets clean and fresh. If you are considering a rental machine for this job, you should know ahead of time that those machines are no match for the ones the professionals use.

The Major Players

A large variety of indoor pollutants reside in your carpets, but the real bad guys are:

Dust Mites: Magnification would be needed to see them, but if parts of these tiny bugs are inhaled it can cause some people who are sensitive to be miserable. Only very high temperature cleaning solutions can kill and remove dust mites from your carpet, such as those a professional uses.

Mold: Mold loves moisture, and it takes a surprisingly small amount of it to grow mold. Think about something like your child tracking across your carpet with wet shoes from outside; that small amount of water could soak your carpet and the pad underneath enough to cause mold growth. Padding is trapped beneath the carpet, so drying takes longer, which increases the opportunity for mold growth. Mold requires special cleaning solutions and a strong suction to remove the irritant.

As you can see, ensuring that your carpets get as clean as possible the use of a professional carpet cleaning company is vital. Contact a company like Personal Touch Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning  to learn more.