Options for Cleaning the Delicate Curtains and Heavy Drapes in Your Home

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Options for Cleaning the Delicate Curtains and Heavy Drapes in Your Home

17 January 2019
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Don't forget about your curtains when you deep-clean your house. Curtains collect dust, pet hair, and dirt just like other surfaces in your home. They need to be cleaned periodically and even more often if you have allergies and need to control dust. It isn't safe to throw many drapes and curtains in your washer because you can ruin them. Instead, you should have the curtains professionally cleaned following the instruction label. Here are some ways to clean your curtains to keep them clean and dust-free.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a possible option; however, this can pose some problems. The work may take a few days, and during that time, your windows will be uncovered. Plus, if you take the curtains to the dry cleaners yourself, you'll have to take them down, haul them in, and then hang them back up. A curtain cleaning company might handle these chores for you by taking the curtains down, dry cleaning them, and then hanging them back up. However, a more convenient option would be to have the curtains cleaned while they're hanging in your home.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning can be done without removing the drapes after the drapes have been vacuumed. The cleaners use a steam wand at the proper distance to clean the curtains without damaging the fabric. This is a convenient option since the curtains don't have to be removed, but it might not be suitable for all types of fabrics. The cleaning company is careful to match the cleaning method with the fabric of your curtains so no shrinking or dye running occurs.

Chemical Cleaning

Another option is to use chemical cleaners on the curtains while they remain hanging in your home. This method work to remove dirt and dust while being gentle on the fabrics. Different cleaning solutions can be used to pair with the type of fabric being cleaned. The cleaning solution is applied and extracted so the curtains are nearly dry when the job is complete and there is no risk of mold due to dampness.

Hiring a curtain cleaning service to maintain your curtains is an excellent way to make sure your curtains have a long life and don't shrink, wrinkle, or lose their original beauty. While you might wash cotton curtains from your kitchen or bathroom in the washing machine, curtains and heavy drapes in the living room and bedrooms are usually not suitable for machine or hand washing. Hiring a professional cleaner is a good way to keep the fabric free from dust and looking like new for a long time.