Living With Kids That Will Not Help Clean

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Living With Kids That Will Not Help Clean

24 May 2019
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It's not always easy keeping the kids active with helping around the house. How can you get the kids that you care for each day to help you with what needs to be done around the house? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you keep up with the housework the family doesn't want to help with.

Hire a Maid Service                                  

You know the money that you pay the kids for their allowance each week? Well, if the kids don't want to clean up after themselves, it's time to take that allowance and use it to pay for a maid service to come out and take care of their chores for them.

Of course, there will still be things that need to be taken care of from day to day between maid services, so you'll have a few battles to fight, but when the kids find out that they're the ones paying for the services that they won't do, they might be more inclined to pitch in to get some sort of pay out of the week. Unfortunately, when it comes to motivating – money is usually king.

Rotate Chores

It can become monotonous doing the same thing day after day – you know – you do it all of the time. The kids may be fighting you about their chores because they either don't like the chore that they're tasked to complete, or because they feel that it's unfair that they have to do that one chore while another kid does something easier.

Rotate the chores by week so you can still monitor who is not getting their work done. If you rotate daily, it would be too easy for a kid to slip by without doing the job and the kid that has to do it the next day, has twice the work to do. With kids – things have to be somewhat fair – this will take care of fairness.

Stay Positive

It's easy to allow yourself to get run-down and feeling negative about things when you have to fight so hard to get the people that you love to want to help you. Do your best to stay positive reminding yourself that they are only kids once – they are only kids- and that they'd be lost without you.

Contact a maid service near you. Even if you only use the service temporarily, it'll still take much of the burden off of your shoulders each week.