Expand The Services You Provide Your Customers By Taking Stone Floor Maintenance Training

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Expand The Services You Provide Your Customers By Taking Stone Floor Maintenance Training

18 November 2019
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If you'd like to start a business cleaning and repairing stone floors or if you want to extend the services your cleaning company provides, then look into taking a stone floor maintenance training course. Some courses provide certification when you complete training so you have proof for homeowners and businesses that you're qualified and knowledgeable about stone flooring materials. Here are some things you may learn.

Identify And Inspect Stone

A fundamental part of your learning is to understand the various types of stone flooring since different stones have different qualities and require different cleaning materials. Also, stone often has grout lines and grout may have different cleaning requirements. Stone floors can also have finishes you need to identify so you can proceed with the proper method of maintenance. In addition, you'll learn inspection techniques so you can provide the right maintenance for scratch removal and chip repair.

Cleaning Equipment And Techniques

You'll have a lot to learn about using the appropriate cleaning products and operating the cleaning equipment. Cleaning stone floors will be a large part of the services you provide. You might use high-pressure cleaning equipment and hand tools for the job. You may need different cleaning supplies for grout and stone. You might even need to learn about using truck-mounted equipment if you plan to invest in it for your business. Cleaning can also involve painting grout lines to restore a white color or change the color and sealing the floor when finished to protect it from water damage and stains.

Repair Techniques

You may also need to do routine repairs on stone flooring that's been scratched. A maintenance course can teach you how to grind out scratches to make the stone surface smooth again. You can also learn how to replace a damaged tile that's beyond repair. You'll also receive instructions for polishing stone flooring that's lost its finish so the floor has a deep gloss and looks like new.

Taking a stone floor maintenance course is a good way to learn the techniques for cleaning and repairing stone flooring. An instructor will teach the latest technology and use the best equipment and supplies, so you're sure to learn proper techniques so your customers are happy and refer you by word of mouth. Stone floors are popular in homes and many types of commercial buildings, so you have the chance to build up a base of happy customers once you've been trained and have the skills to be proficient at cleaning and repair.

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