5 Ways A Commercial Cleaning Company Will Help You Keep Up Your Office Bathrooms

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5 Ways A Commercial Cleaning Company Will Help You Keep Up Your Office Bathrooms

30 December 2019
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If you hire a commercial cleaning company, you will probably be surprised by all of the different things that commercial cleaning professionals will clean and take care of throughout your office. You might be most surprised and impressed by what commercial cleaning professionals will do in your office bathrooms, though. These are some of the tasks that many of these cleaning professionals will help with.

1. Thoroughly Cleaning Plumbing Fixtures

All of the plumbing fixtures in your office bathroom should be cleaned on a regular basis. This helps you prevent your plumbing fixtures from becoming stained prematurely, and it can help you ensure that your office bathrooms are clean, sanitary, and pleasant to use. A commercial cleaning company can help with ensuring that toilets, sinks, and urinals are kept nice and clean.

2. Sweeping and Mopping Floors

Of course, office bathroom floors can become very messy and dirty throughout the day. A commercial cleaning crew should help with sweeping up dirt and debris and then mopping your bathroom floors so that they look great and smell nice and clean.

3. Emptying Trash

You might sometimes find yourself surprised by just how fast the garbage cans in your commercial bathrooms can become full. Paper towels, sanitary products, and other items can quickly fill up all of the trash cans in your office bathrooms, but a good commercial cleaning crew should help with emptying garbage cans and adding new garbage bags while doing their office cleaning.

4. Restocking the Bathroom

As your office bathroom is used throughout the day, it is normal for employees and others who might use the restroom in your building to use up paper towels, toilet paper, toilet seat liners, and other supplies. Hand soap and hand sanitizer can be used up surprisingly quickly, too. Your commercial cleaning crew should help with restocking all of these things so that all of the necessities are on hand when someone uses your office bathroom.

5. Cleaning Walls and Doors

It is easy to forget about cleaning the walls and doors in an office bathroom. However, cleaning these areas is important if you want to keep your office bathrooms sparkling clean. In addition to mopping and otherwise cleaning your office bathrooms, a good commercial cleaning crew should also help with cleaning walls, trim, and doors. They should even help with details like cleaning the door handles on all of the stalls and the entrance and exit doors for your office bathrooms.

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