5 Tips To Keep Your Carpets Clean For Longer

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5 Tips To Keep Your Carpets Clean For Longer

21 May 2020
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Taking care of your home is a must, and your carpet is no exception. Your home looks and feels good when your carpets are clean. You may be looking for ways to extend the cleanliness of your carpets. This can cut down on the need for deep cleaning treatments, and it can make you happier and less stressed. Check out these tips to keep your carpets clean for longer.

Stop Wearing Your Shoes Inside the House 

It's really not a good idea to wear your shoes inside your home. It may be easier and more convenient to keep wearing them, but it can track in dirt and germs. Set up a nice shoe station by the door, and ask your friends and family to also take their shoes off when they visit your home.

Vacuum Regularly

Life can get busy, and you may forget to vacuum all the time, but doing so regularly can really make a difference. Doing so at least once per week can help you manage dust and debris. You'll have less dirt seeping through your carpet, and your carpet will look cleaner throughout the month. Try scheduling a set time and day of the week to vacuum so that you get more into the habit of doing so.

Don't Let Stains Sit

If you spill something or notice a stain on your carpet, it's always best to act fast. The quicker you clean it up, the less chance it will have of leaving a deeper stain. Once you have stains set in for a long period of time, it can be impossible to get them out on your own and you will need to hire professionals.

Eat at the Table

It can be tempting to snack in the living room or bedroom, but this can lead to spills, crumbs going everywhere, and dirty carpets. Make sure that you eat at a table so that you're not tracking food throughout your carpeting. It will make them look and feel dirty! 

Invest in Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Another way to maximize the cleanliness of your carpets is to hire professionals. Have them come to your home 1-2 times per year to treat your carpets. This will make your carpets look stunning and it can also help you extend the life of your carpeting. 

Following these tips can help you keep your carpets looking their best. You'll be happier living in a home with clean carpets that look good! 

To learn more, contact a carpet cleaning company.