Sealing Your Property's Paving Stones

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Sealing Your Property's Paving Stones

13 July 2020
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Paving stones are a popular solution for homeowners that want to pave their property but that may not want to use concrete or asphalt for this project. Unfortunately, there are homeowners that may be misled by common myths and pieces of misinformation concerning the type of maintenance that paving stones will need. This can be particularly problematic when it comes to the need to have the paving stones sealed.

Myth: Surfaces That Use Paver Stones Do Not Need To Be Sealed

Any surface that is paved can be benefited by having a sealant applied to it. Unfortunately, homeowners can be guilty of assuming that this type of protection is only needed for concrete or asphalt paved surfaces. In reality, paving stones can be vulnerable to the same damage from sunlight, ice, and water. Over time, this can lead to the pavers starting to crack and flake, which can result in them having to be replaced. Failing to replace pavers that have suffered this type of damage can make the others more likely to loosen.

Myth: The Use Of A Sealant Will Impact The Color Of The Paver Stones

One of the reasons that individuals are likely to choose paving stones over other options is the aesthetics that these stones can provide. Unfortunately, homeowners may overestimate the impact that the application of a sealant will have on the colors of their paving stones. The sealant will be clear, so it should not impact the appearance of the stones. In fact, the use of sealants can help to preserve the color of your paving stones by limiting the bleaching effect that the sun can have when shining on the pavers.

Myth: It Is Easy To Apply A Paver Sealant Without Professional Help

While the application of a sealant can be important to preserve the appearance of your stone pavers, you should avoid assuming that this will be a simple process. It can be surprisingly difficult to apply the sealant to all the sides of the paving stones. While it may be easy to apply the sealant to the top portion of the pavers, failing to apply it to the sides of these stones can still leave them vulnerable to water damage. A professional paver sealing service will have equipment that will be able to spray the sealant into these small cracks so that the sides of the pavers can also be protected.