House Cleaning Tips To Get Your Just-Sold Home Ready For The New Owners

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House Cleaning Tips To Get Your Just-Sold Home Ready For The New Owners

22 October 2020
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Once you have sold your home and are under contract to finalize the transaction, you need to work on moving your household out of the home so the new owners can take over. As part of the move-out process and along with packing boxes, you are expected to clean the house out for the new owners, depending on the details included in the purchase contract. Here are some tips to clean your home for a move to prepare it for the new owners.

Set Aside Cleaning Supplies

As you pack up your possessions and put items into boxes, you will need to begin planning for the cleaning process of your home. However, in order to handle the cleaning, you will need to have the right supplies and equipment available after all other items are out of the home. So as you pack up everything else, set aside your broom, dustpan, cleaning rags, cleaning solutions, toilet brush, sponges, mop, vacuum, vinegar, and all other cleaning items you will need for the project. Most moving companies will not pack up open cleaning products, so you most likely need to leave these behind or give them to a neighbor. 

If the moving truck needs to leave before you finish the cleaning, rent or borrow a vacuum, broom, dustpan, and other equipment you will need for cleaning. Or you can arrange for a professional house cleaning service to come in and clean out the home so you don't have to worry about the process, especially at the end of a busy day of packing and moving.

Clean the Floors

Cleaning the floors is one of the last steps you want to take as you close up the house and move to your new one. The floors will get used a great deal by the moving crew and other foot traffic, so don't worry about cleaning it until all else is finished. Vacuum the carpets and sweep and mop any solid surface flooring. If your carpeting has any stains or spots, hire a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean and remove staining and odors, or you can arrange to do this on your own.

Be sure you sweep out your garage floor if your home includes a garage. Although the floor of a garage can get dirty from outdoor tools, equipment, and vehicles, it is still considered an interior surface and you should clean it properly for the new owners.

For more information about hiring house cleaning services when you move, contact a local cleaning company.