The Benefits of Power Washing Your Home

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The Benefits of Power Washing Your Home

13 January 2021
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If you plan on painting the exterior of your house yourself to improve your home's curb appeal, consider starting with power washing the siding. You could even have the porch and patio power washed so your entire house looks clean and fresh once it's been washed and painted. Here's why residential power washing before painting is a good idea and a look at how it's done.

Power Washing Removes Dirt Best

You might consider using a bucket, sponge, and hose to wash your house before you paint, but power washing does a much better job at removing dirt and stains. Plus, when you hire a residential power washing service, you'll have a lot less work to do. Painting is a lot of work in itself, and you'll get the job done much sooner if you have your home pressure washed a day or two before you start painting.

Power Washing Helps Paint Last Longer

Power washing your home to remove dirt is important for the appearance of your house, but there is a more important reason when it comes to painting. You'll have more professional-looking results if you paint over a clean surface since there will be no grit or dirt bumps to mix in with the paint. Plus, paint sticks to a clean surface much better. That could mean your paint job will last much longer than if you paint over dirty siding.

Power Washing Is Safe

Power washers blast out a powerful stream of water that can damage your siding, windows, and doors if you don't know how to control the equipment. A professional will use just enough pressure to get your siding clean without causing harm. They use different nozzles for different effects and alter how far they stand from your home to get the perfect results.

Since a power washer has a stronger stream of water than a hose, the water can reach near your roof to wash windows and siding near the top of your house. The water can blast away wasp nests, spider webs, and leaf debris that would get in the way of your painting.

Power Washing Uses Cleaning Products Too

While the jet of water does a lot of the cleaning, the power washing service may also use cleaning products that break up mildew and other stains. The cleaning products can also be applied with the power washer and allowed to work for several minutes before being washed away. They'll use products that are safe for your siding and safe for your plants and the environment too since the water and soap will seep in the soil around your house.

Once your house has been washed, let the siding dry out completely before you start painting. You may need to wait a day or two, but don't wait too long or dust could start to collect again. You'll find power washing was well worth it when painting is easier and your paint job lasts a long time.