How To Prepare A Commercial Location For A Cleaner's Visit

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How To Prepare A Commercial Location For A Cleaner's Visit

6 December 2021
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Many organizations lean on commercial cleaning companies to keep their locations looking top-notch. If you wish to work with a services provider, it's important to prepare your place for a cleaning visit. Customers can ready their properties by doing these 5 things.

Establishing a Schedule

Not every space needs a cleaning every day. However, you'll probably want to have cleaners visit on some sort of schedule. For example, a business with office cleaning needs might have an on-staff janitor deal with basic needs like emptying garbage cans during the workweek. They would then schedule a team of cleaners for the weekend when there are few if any people in the office.

Similarly, customers will want the schedule to minimize who the commercial cleaning team could run into. If a store manager wants to have cleaners in nightly, for example, it's wise to schedule the team to come into the building after customers have left and the front doors are locked. They might also schedule deeper cleaning projects for holiday weekends.

Develop a List of Products

You may have people at your location who are sensitive to certain cleaning products. Whenever possible, try to make a list of those products before asking for commercial cleaning help. The company usually can find a way to accommodate your needs.

Likewise, take the time to figure out how severe your property's cleaning needs are. If there are areas where you have a hard time cleaning, let the company know. They can have someone look at it and figure out what the right solution may be.

Clear the Space

Remember, your office or commercial operation is the cleaners' work zone. The job will go faster if you can move stuff out of the way. Discourage employees from leaving loose papers out, for example. If you need the cleaners to get under certain kinds of equipment, shelves, desks, or chairs, try to give the cleaning team room to maneuver big items so they can get into these spaces.


Especially if you're sensitive to cleaning smells, you should have the ventilation system running. If you don't want to leave it on all the time, at least provide access to the cleaners. This will significantly speed the process of taking the smell of products out of the air.


The commercial cleaning crew may need some guidance, especially if they're not familiar with your location. Provide a specific contact person who is comfortable fielding questions at potentially unusual hours.