Why Do Carpet Stains Keep Reappearing?

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Why Do Carpet Stains Keep Reappearing?

16 March 2022
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Have you ever spent a lot of time getting rid of carpet stains, only for them to reappear after a few days?

Stubborn carpet stains are a turnoff. They make your rug appear old and unkempt. Discover why stains keep coming back and ways to get rid of them once and for all.


A soiled area on the carpet may look like a stain, but it is not always a result of a spill. Soiling happens when you leave a residue or oily substance on the carpet, which attracts more dirt and forms a discolored patch.

Soiling is bound to happen if you are not thorough with cleaning, regardless of the kind of treatment products you use. You might inadvertently skip some spots when you rinse your carpet, leaving traces of oil-based products behind.

The stains can also be a result of walking on the carpet with your bare feet. You will likely transfer oils from your skin to the rug, which starts to attract dirt particles.

You can avoid soiling if you wipe off spills as soon as they happen. Also, use a warm, clean cloth to remove oily stains before they become difficult to handle.

If the stains won't go away no matter what you do, let professionals handle carpet cleaning for you. These experts are thorough with their work and know how to get rid of stubborn residue patches without ruining your carpet. They also use the best quality cleaning products that don't leave behind sticky remnants, unlike the generic soap-based products that many homeowners use.


Again, failure to clean a spill as soon as it happens can have adverse effects on your carpet. Wicking is when a spilled product soaks or penetrates deep to the back of the carpet. The stain often extends to the carpet padding. As a result, you can't always see the stains when you clean. They only reappear after your carpet dries.

Clean up spills and spots as soon as they appear so they don't sit too long and soak into the carpet. However, cleaning just a spot is not always a good idea. Sometimes, water and cleaning products can eventually make the stain appear deeper and much bigger than before. The bigger stain can even ruin the entire carpet and is often hard to reverse.

Instead of taking such risks, contact a carpet cleaning service for a deep clean. These experts use special cleaning techniques (like hot-water absorption) to remove the soaked stains.

Professional carpet cleaners also pull back the carpet to allow the subfloor to dry before they reinstall the carpet. This way, stubborn stains will no longer be a problem for you after a deep clean.

For more information, contact a carpet cleaning service near you.