Types Of House Cleaning Services

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Types Of House Cleaning Services

10 June 2022
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Is keeping your house clean a top priority? Even if you do not have time to clean your home, it is possible that you want to make sure that every part of your home is tidy. 

House cleaning services are essential for keeping your home comfortable and hygienic when you have an otherwise busy schedule. The good news is that you do not have to do it all on your own. These are the types of services you might consider.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping is often one of the most affordable house cleaning professional services. Housekeeping services typically include things like making the bed, changing sheets, washing clothes, and tidying up a room. 

These are basic services for those who could use just a little bit of help. If you do a good job of keeping up with dishes and clearing counters throughout the week, housekeeping services might be all you need.

Maid Services

Maid services take care of much more extensive cleaning, including cleaning living areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. These services involve scrubbing and wiping surfaces and making sure your home is hygienic.

Maid services are more intensive than housekeeping. If you need more help cleaning up your home and require services regularly, maid services will be especially helpful.

Hoarding or Biohazard Cleaning Services

In some cases, a home is considered a biohazard. This could be because the home was the scene of a hoarding situation or because somebody passed away in the home.

This is a very intensive cleaning service, and it may be something not all cleaning companies will offer. If you require these services, it is important to ask a professional if they are able to manage these materials.

Move-Out Cleaning Services

If you are moving out of a home, hiring a cleaning service can be helpful as well. Your cleaner will make sure that the home is ready for the next person to move in, which involves cleaning the house from top to bottom, from the ceilings to the floor.

This is an intensive cleaning service that considers the many different components a landlord is going to look at during your move-out inspection.

Learn More About Cleaning Options

There are many options for cleaning your house. If you are unsure what kind of service would benefit your home and your schedule most, you should call a cleaning company such as The Elite Maids of Glendora to learn more about services in your area.