Information on Residential and Commercial Cleaning

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Information on Residential and Commercial Cleaning

28 September 2022
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Professional cleaners offer many types of cleaning services. Not only will they come out and take care of different cleaning tasks, but they will also serve all types and sizes of residential homes and commercial buildings. This guide on professional cleaning will introduce you to some of the things they can offer: 

Professional cleaners can take care of regular residential cleaning

Cleaners can come out and clean your whole house with their basic cleaning service. This includes things like sweeping, mopping, dusting, and polishing. It may also include things like bed making, laundry washing and folding, and dishes. If there is something beyond the basic cleaning you would like done, then you can request to have this added to your agreement. Many people have a house cleaner come out for basic cleaning regularly. 

They can take care of your spring-cleaning

Professional cleaners can also come out to take care of the spring cleaning. This includes the same things the basic cleaning does, as well as additional services. A few examples of these may include cleaning the oven, cleaning the refrigerator, and polishing the wood. This type of cleaning is normally done once a year. 

They can tend to complete deep cleanings of a vacant property

If you have rental properties, then you likely know that not all tenants will leave you with a clean home. You can hire a cleaning service to come out and completely clean the unit, so it will be move-in ready. In addition to the types of things they do with basic cleaning, they will do things like deep cleaning the bathroom, steam cleaning the carpet, cleaning all the appliances, and washing the windows. 

Professional cleaners can clean the office building

Professional cleaners can come out to clean your office building. This can include sweeping, mopping, disinfecting surfaces, taking out the trash, cleaning the restrooms, and dusting. If there are specific things you want to be cleaned, then you want to discuss those things to have them added to the services. 


You may find you have a need for professional cleaners at several locations. You might want your home, your rentals, and your office to all be taken care of. You might have different cleaners for this. However, if you are exceptionally happy with one person, you may be able to request having that person do the cleaning at all your locations. Keep in mind, for larger jobs there may be a team that comes out.