Six Mistakes To Avoid When You're Sending Samples To A Drug Lab For Testing

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Six Mistakes To Avoid When You're Sending Samples To A Drug Lab For Testing

19 December 2022
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It's important to avoid some common mistakes so that you can enjoy accurate test results in a timely manner when you need commercial drug lab testing services. The following are six mistakes to avoid when you're sending samples to a drug lab for testing.  

Failing to follow instructions regarding the packaging of your samples

Improper packaging can compromise the accuracy of the results of commercial drug lab testing. Make sure you ask the lab you're working with about any packaging requirements. Packaging requirements can differ depending on whether the samples you're sending are in the form of liquids, solids, or pills.

Having no tracking number to keep track of your sample while it's being shipped

When you send samples to drug testing facilities through the mail, it's always important to track these samples. Samples that are lost in the mail may not be replaceable. With a tracking number, you minimize the chances that your samples will become completely lost so that you never get the results you need. 

Not being clear on exactly what drugs you want your sample tested for

Some commercial drug labs will require you to specify exactly what types of drugs you want your sample to be tested for. Don't assume that your sample will be tested for certain substances unless you have explicitly stated that you want your samples tested for those substances. 

Being unaware of the time requirement for receiving drug testing results

You probably will want to receive results regarding the drug testing of your samples by a certain date. Before you select a commercial drug testing lab, find out how long it takes that lab to process samples for testing. This will ensure that you stay on schedule with your drug testing needs.  

Waiting too long to ship samples

If you wait too long to get samples to a drug lab after collecting them, the results you receive might be inaccurate. Discuss any possible expiration date for the types of materials you're sending in and having tested. Send samples as soon as possible after you've collected them for the best results. 

Poorly labeling and separating samples

Those who are in need of commercial drug lab testing services often need to have multiple samples tested at once. When you send in multiple samples, make sure that you clearly label them and separate them in their containers so that you get clear results that are specific to individual samples. 

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