Understanding Cleaning Services

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Not Used To Stainless Steel Kitchens? 4 Tips For The Perfect Treatment

2 September 2015
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The new home you're cleaning has a stainless steel kitchen – including countertops and all appliances. It looks lovely, but you've never cleaned stainless steel before. Now, you're worried that you're going to mishandle the new kitchen. Don't sweat it. Stainless steel may look like it's tough to take care of, but it's easy to keep stainless steel countertops and appliances looking brand new. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to keep the kitchen looking great. Read More …

Cleaning Wicking Spots Out Of Your Carpeting

14 August 2015
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If you have recently cleaned your carpet and have noticed brown spots that appear after the carpet has dried, you have wicking spots that need to be taken care of. What are wicking spots? Wicking spots occur when dirt from deep in the carpet fibers rise to the surface of the carpet after cleaning. This can happen because: The carpet cleaning machine didn't have enough suction to pull the dirt all the way out of the carpeting. Read More …

Steps For Cleaning Your Wool Rug

30 July 2015
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A wool rug can make a beautiful addition to your home. However, wool rugs will need to be cleaned in a certain manner in order to preserve them well. You may want to try to avoid stains by applying protective coating to it. However, if that doesn't work and stains or dirty areas do occur, you can clean the rug by following the advice provided in this article. Clean the rug immediately - As soon as you spot a stain or dirty area on your wool rug, you will want to clean it. Read More …