Last Minute Guests And A Broken Vacuum? Options That Can Help You Clean And Prepare Your Home For Company

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Last Minute Guests And A Broken Vacuum? Options That Can Help You Clean And Prepare Your Home For Company

7 January 2016
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It never fails; your vacuum breaks down and before you can take it somewhere for repairs, unexpected guests announce that they will be stopping by in a day or two. Since you want your home to appear clean and presentable, having a broken or dysfunctional vacuum is just not an option. Here are three better options to help you clean and prepare your home for last minute company.

Find an Overnight Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop

There are shops that are open late, open all night and open very early in the morning. Any one of these vacuum repair shops may be exactly what you need to fix your vacuum in a hurry. Sometimes these repair shops also have "loaner" vacuums for customers who are in a tight spot. The repair shops offer these loaner vacuums because they not only help customers with their immediate cleaning needs, but also introduce them to vacuums that are better and higher quality than the ones they are used to using. (Sometimes the shops even make a sale off of the loaner vacuums because customers like them so much they want to keep them!) Contact a local shop, like Everett Vacuum LLC, for help.

Call Cleaning Services and See If You Can Arrange an Immediate Appointment

Maid services or cleaning services can help you clean your home in a hurry. Additionally, most cleaning services also have their own vacuum cleaners, which can help you out of your situation with your own vacuum problems. If you cannot get a maid service or cleaning service to help out on short notice, hail a friend and see if he or she has a vacuum you can borrow in the interim, while yours is in the shop.

Borrow a Vacuum from a Friend

It is somewhat funny that, when you panic about cleaning your home right before your guests arrive, you tend to forget that you have friends who can help. Even if your friends say no to helping you scramble and clean, they may still say yes to lending you cleaning supplies, like a vacuum. If the overnight repair shop is going to take longer than expected and does not have a loaner vacuum program and you absolutely cannot find a cleaning service that can squeeze you in, phone a friend. He or she probably has a vacuum you can borrow and keep until after your company has packed up and gone home again (or at least until the repair shop has fixed your vacuum!).