Want To Minimize Wear And Tear On Your Carpet From Stains? 3 Tips To Follow In The Kitchen

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Want To Minimize Wear And Tear On Your Carpet From Stains? 3 Tips To Follow In The Kitchen

17 August 2016
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Carpet is a difficult floor to enjoy when you are accident prone. But, even if you are careful, you still need to exercise caution around this flooring type to keep it from getting excessively damaged. It is only natural for it to get dirty and need professional cleaning every once in a while, but you should also do everything you can to prevent stains from making the carpet look like a complete mess. Fortunately, you have all sorts of things that you can do in the kitchen to accomplish such a goal.

Keep Condiments in the Kitchen

If you have a lot of stains on the carpet, you can expect to pay an extra dime per square foot. This can add up in a large home, so it is better to spend time and money on things that keep this from happening. If your dining room is not a direct extension of your kitchen, your dining table may sit on carpeting. This can spell trouble for some families because it is pretty easy for condiments to end up spilling. All it takes is an extra powerful squeeze of a ketchup bottle to send red liquid right onto your lovely carpeted floors. The number one solution is to make it a rule in the household that all condiments stay in the kitchen.

Drink Coffee in a Travel Mug

Coffee and tea are the easiest ways to get your caffeine fix. If you find yourself drinking a few cups in the morning and sometimes even more in the evening, there are quite a few chances for spillage. It is even riskier because you are typically still waking up when drinking your first cup in the morning. This can leave you with mediocre reflexes and awareness until the caffeine kicks in and you are up for a while longer. Make it a top priority to get some travel mugs that you can use as your exclusive tea or coffee holder. Then, request that your teenagers and spouse do the same and you should be able to avoid these stains.

Buy Soda with Twist Tops

Soda cans are common and convenient, but they also have no top to protect the carpeting. It is important to avoid buying 6-packs or 12-packs of cans, and you may even want to avoid colored drinks altogether. The best alternative is to get sodas with twist tops such as one-liter, two-liter, and 20-ounce bottles. At the very least, you can transfer the soda in the large bottles to a cup that has a sealable top.

These small changes in the house and kitchen will keep you from having to get carpet cleaning prematurely, and it will help you avoid additional charges for this professional service. For more information, contact local professionals like Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning.