A Few Tips For Resurfacing Your Marble Floor

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A Few Tips For Resurfacing Your Marble Floor

25 August 2016
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A marble floor really does not need to have any wax or other liquid polish applied to have a beautiful luster. However, over time, the stone will become scratched, chipped, and dirty, causing it to lose its gleam. When this happens, no matter how much you clean it, it will still look dull and unkempt. To bring the shine and warmth back to your floor, here are a few tips for resurfacing the marble.


Before you start any cleaning or polishing, be sure to tape off the floor, covering any baseboards. You do not want the cleaning solution to splash onto the wood. In addition, polishing marble requires a diamond sanding pad and is a wet procedure. It is best if you can use strips of plastic to cover the baseboards for added protection as the water might loosen the tape and cause it to fall off. You can use a few small staples to hold the plastic in place.


You can use a commercial marble cleaning product or make your own out of a dish soap and warm water. Be sure to avoid using anything acidic that might etch the marble, including vinegar. Etching is different than grinding in that it is not as controlled and can go deeper. After you have cleaned away all the dirt and grime, be sure to thoroughly rinse the floor so there is no cleaning solution residue.


If you are not used to using a floor buffer and diamond sanding pads, you may want to hire professionals to do this step. Improper usage of the buffer, or the wrong grit pad can damage the stone. You need to change the grit of the pad throughout the process, starting with a rougher one and moving to a very fine one. The amount of water used is very important too. Keep in mind that a wet marble floor is going to be slippery, so you need to be sure to wear some type of shoe that will help keep you from sliding across the room. Once you have gone over the whole room with the grinding pads, use a wet/dry vacuum to pick up any water and the dust from the grinding.

Regular mopping with plain, warm water will help keep your marble floor looking great. It is also important to wipe up any spills as they happen to avoid stains. When the floor looks dingy and a quick mopping does not bring back the luster, it is time for a resurfacing. Contact a company like Marble Tec Systems for more info.