Replacing The Carpet In Your Home? 3 Ways To Make It Easy To Clean With Your Choices

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Replacing The Carpet In Your Home? 3 Ways To Make It Easy To Clean With Your Choices

2 September 2016
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Once your carpet is about a decade old, it has likely sustained enough wear and tear to perhaps need replacing. This may give you a brand-new carpet that you get to enjoy, but it will not stay that way forever. You need to keep up with routine cleaning to make sure the carpet is not seriously damaged. It is also important to treat stains as soon as you notice them to avoid marks that do not go away. Carpet cleaning every year or so will help extract the deepest dirt particles and get rid of any difficult stains. But you should also consider how your carpet decision-making can lead to a carpet that is easier to maintain.

Carpet Color

The trend might say that beige is an ideal color for carpeting. But, staying trendy is not the only way that you will benefit from getting a carpet in this particular color. It will provide you with a cleaner looking carpet because most dirt marks are able to blend in quite well with beige. So, while another color might look like it is worn down after just a week without vacuuming, yours might look good for two weeks. It is still ideal to clean it often because the dirt will still be there, just not as visible to the naked eye.

Pile Height

Another detail that matters when it comes to cleaning the carpet is the height of the pile. High pile means that your vacuum may have a difficult time reaching its suction power all the way down to the bottom. A low pile is the exact opposite and you should have no problem getting the carpet extremely clean. It is also easier to use a budget vacuum and still get exceptional results when you have a carpet with low pile.

Fiber Type

Do not underestimate how much of a difference the fiber type can make on cleaning. While nylon and polyester are popular choices that have excellent durability, they are not necessarily easier to clean. This is where olefin is able to shine in certain households because it is highly resistant to stains. If you have kids, pets, or drink wine, coffee, or tea in the house, you will benefit from this choice.

Carpet cleaning starts from the moment you pick the carpet for your home. So, it is a good idea to put some thought into this decision that will affect how easy it is to clean your carpet for many years to come.