Why An Inground Swimming Pool Should Be Serviced

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Why An Inground Swimming Pool Should Be Serviced

19 October 2016
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Is there a large amount of limescale covering the drain covers in your inground swimming pool? The limescale can create a blockage in the flow of water and debris through the drains. Basically, limescale develops from the water at your residence having large amounts of minerals in it. Calcium and magnesium are some of the minerals that can accumulate in water. This article will teach you about the importance of getting your swimming pool serviced every now and then.

Limescale Damages the Filtration System

It is important for minerals to be removed from your water because limescale can damage vital pool parts. A contractor can filter out calcium and magnesium by using special equipment. He or she can also install a water filter that is specifically made for removing the minerals on a regular basis. The most common type of system that is used for softening up water is one that uses salt for the task. The salt will basically push the minerals out of the water, which travels to a filter can be cleaned or changed.

Drain Covers Must Be Checked to Prevent Injuries

When your pool is serviced, a contractor can examine all of the drain covers. You might think that the covers are not very important because the drains can function without them, but they are important. Anyone swimming in your pool can be at risk of a serious injury if the drain covers are loose or missing. The bad thing about drains is that they have a lot of suctioning power that is even more powerful when the drain covers are missing. The suctioning power is strong enough to pull someone under the water, especially when it comes to small kids who are likely to play with the drains.

Unbalanced Chemicals Can Make the Water Unsafe

You must understand that a large amount of chemicals are used for keep swimming pool water safe. Unbalanced chemicals can lead to more exposure to germs and possible experiencing health problems. For example, your pool must have enough chlorine in to kill germs, while also not being enough to badly irritates your eyes. Cyanuric acid levels are also important because they are needed to help with preventing the chlorine from leaving out of your pool, such as from ultraviolet radiation exposure. Get in touch with a contractor like Aqua King to discuss your desire for the swimming pool to be serviced for your safety.