What To Focus On Cleaning When Hosting Thanksgiving

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What To Focus On Cleaning When Hosting Thanksgiving

22 November 2016
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Hosting Thanksgiving can be really stressful because not only are you preparing a lot of dishes that you usually only prepare during the holiday season, you also have to clean your house and make sure that it look presentable. Here are a few tips on where you should actually focus your housecleaning efforts and what you don't need to worry about so much.

#1 Clean The Bathroom

If there is only one room that you clean in your house, it should be the bathroom. People are going to have to use the restroom and you want to make sure that it is clean.

Wipe down the sinks and cabinets, and give your toilet a good cleaning. Put out extra rolls of toilet paper in a visible place, so if the toilet paper runs low, it will be easy for your guests to grab another roll. Also, be sure to put out tissues in your bathroom area and extra hand towels.

If your shower is visible, give it a quick cleaning. However, if you have a shower curtain, just pull it closed and wipe down the edge of the tub that is visible to your guests.

#2 Clean & Organize The Kitchen

The second room that you need to focus on is the kitchen. That is where most of the action will be on Thanksgiving. Make sure that your drawers are not cluttered with unnecessary items and that all the cooking tools you will need are easy to find. Clean out your fridge to make as much room as possible for Thanksgiving dishes; try to condense your regular food items down to a shelf or so. 

Get rid of unnecessary decorations and clutter on the kitchen counter so you have as much space as possible to work with. Wipe down your kitchen counters. Sweep and clean the floor. 

Be sure to run and unload your dishwasher before your guests arrive so you know that everything is clean and you have an empty dishwasher to fill up after dinner.

#3 Do A Quick Once Over

For the rest of your home, just do a quick once-over. Vacuum all the rooms in your house and lightly dust in each room as well. Pick up and put aside or put away any clutter; don't worry about going through everything in your home; just get the clutter out of sight. 

Remember, your guests are not going to examine every room in your house to make sure that you dusted behind the picture frames, washed the windows or polished the furniture. Just give it a really quick dust and vacuum then pick up the clutter and don't worry too much about it.

Don't spend too much time cleaning your entire house for Thanksgiving; you've got enough to do with just cooking the meal.

Don't stress about the areas of your house that you don't get to clean. Your friends and family are coming over to enjoy a meal and special holiday with you, not criticize the cleanliness level of your home.