Taking Over A Rental Lease? Get Help From Carpet Cleaners While Living There

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Taking Over A Rental Lease? Get Help From Carpet Cleaners While Living There

1 March 2018
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When you move into a vacant rental, you should expect the carpet to be clean. But, this may not be the case when you are taking over someone's rental lease.

If the current tenant does not want to get carpet cleaning, but you do not want to pass up on a great rental, you should take matters into your own hands. This is when you will want to hire carpet cleaners in the beginning as well as throughout the entire time that you are living there.

Initial Inspection

The first thing that you will want to do is hire a carpet cleaner for an initial inspection. This service will let you know whether the carpet needs to be cleaned before you move in. It will also help you point out any damage that you can bring up to the landlord. If you are contributing to the security deposit, you do not want to be responsible for damage that you did not cause.

Empty Rental

After you move into the rental, you will have all sorts of furniture and belongings that take up space on the carpeting. This makes it ideal to get carpet cleaning in an empty rental, before you move in. The initial inspection can transition into immediate service so that you can move in as soon as possible. It will keep you from having to spend extra money on moving heavy or oversized furniture.


If you are determined to keep the carpet clean while you are a tenant, you should consider investing in carpet protectant before you move in. This will make it so that you do not have to worry as much about stains and potential damage to the carpeting in the first few months.

Future Service

When you invest in protectant for the first time and are satisfied with the results, you can continue getting this additional service whenever you get carpet cleaning. If your carpet gets a major stain or one of your pets has an accident on the carpeting, you can rely on these professionals to come over and provide immediate service to eliminate all signs of a problem.

While you are preparing to move out of the rental, you can work with carpet cleaners to have the carpet cleaned after the furniture is loaded into the truck, but before you give back the keys.

Hiring a carpet cleaning company is a smart decision when you are taking over a rental lease.