Bought A Fixer-Upper? Invest In Carpet Cleaning Before Moving In

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Bought A Fixer-Upper? Invest In Carpet Cleaning Before Moving In

5 February 2021
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As soon as you purchase a fixer-upper, you may start thinking about all the changes that you can make to the property. While remodeling is something that you may be comfortable with doing while living in the house, you should make sure the place is ready for your family to move in. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can play a major role in preparing your new home.


Seeing the property in person during a tour and in photos should have given you an accurate idea of what to expect with the carpeting. Even if the carpet does not look extremely dirty, you should get the flooring cleaned as this will help you make a spotless home to move into comfortably.

When you try to bring furniture, decorations, and other belongings into an unprepared fixer-upper, you may notice these things getting dirty from all the dirt and grime in the carpeting.


While getting your fixer-upper to a clean state will help you look forward to moving in, you will also want to take care of any stains that may be around the house. This is an important step to go through before moving in because getting rid of stains will only become more challenging. For instance, you may end up covering some of the stains with furniture and boxes upon arrival.


If you want to have a pleasant experience with moving in and getting settled, you want to make sure that the fixer-upper does not have any undesirable odors. While you could walk around the house after getting the keys to see if you can find any noticeable odors, you can also hire a carpet cleaning company right away and let them take care of all the odor problems.


Even though you may not mind vacuuming and cleaning up spills as often as needed, you should consider protecting the carpet to help with the move-in process. For instance, you may know that you will be walking inside and outside the house many times while bringing in possessions. This on its own can bring a lot of dirt and grime inside as your family unloads the moving truck.

By getting carpet protection, you will not have to worry about being extra cautious with the carpet since it will not get as dirty or stain as easily while the protectant lasts.

After buying a fixer-upper, you may want to use carpet cleaners to help you with moving in.

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