Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Important For Pet Owners

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Important For Pet Owners

15 September 2021
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Carpet is a type of flooring that can help make your home a more comfortable and better-looking home. You want to know how to best care for your carpet to make sure you get the most from it. Also, proper care keeps it looking better and helps prevent some problems that could otherwise happen. If you have pets in your home, then here are some reasons why professionalcarpet cleaning can be so important: 

Dog oils can stain carpet

If you have dogs, you may be able to convince them to lie in a dog bed. In fact, many dogs love their beds. However, there are also many dogs who would just rather lie on the carpet and will refuse to lie in a dog bed, no matter how much you try to convince them to do so. The oil on your dog's body can be absorbed into the carpet. The oil can then attract dirt, which can lead to stains on that part of the floor. Also, the oil can have a bad odor to it, which can cause the home to have a bad smell. Professional cleaning can remove the oil, the stains from it, and the odors it caused. 

 Pet accidents can cause stains and odors

Your pets can have accidents in the house that can leave stains and bad odors on the carpet. When you clean up the accident, you will be cleaning the surface of the carpet, but the stain will continue to come up from the padding in the future. When the carpet gets professionally cleaned, the professional-grade equipment and solutions will permanently remove the stains and smells. 

Pets can cause allergens to affect the air quality

Many people have allergies that can be affected by pet dander. If someone in your home is affected by your pets, there are some things you can do to decrease their allergy flair-ups when there are pets in the home. Regular grooming of pets and frequent replacement of the HVAC system's air filter can help decrease the animal dander in the air. However, another important thing that can really help is to have the carpet professionally cleaned. They will be able to pull up and remove the pet dander that has gone under the surface of the carpet. When not properly removed like this, it can make its way back into the air when people walk on the carpet. 

Dog gland issues can cause disgusting odors

Dogs have glands on both sides of their anus, and these glands can fill with an oily and seriously foul-smelling fluid. When they sit on the carpet, some of this fluid can end up on the carpet. This can cause the house to smell so bad it can become unbearable. As soon as you notice a horrible smell coming from your dog, you want to take them to the groomer to have the fluid expressed. However, you also want to have the carpet professionally cleaned as well. This is the best way to get rid of all the odor.