Top Three Signs Your Hardwood Floor Needs Polishing

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Top Three Signs Your Hardwood Floor Needs Polishing

10 January 2023
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Flooring is a crucial design element that increases the value of a home. Thus, you must choose suitable flooring for your home. For example, it is no secret that hardwood floors add curb appeal and bring warmth and character to a home. Though these floors are highly durable, they can easily get discolored, scratched, or form splinters detrimental to their lifespan. Your floor may need maintenance every few years, such as applying floor polishing to retain its appeal and functionality. This article shall discuss the top three signs that your hardwood floors need refinishing.

Splintering Floorboards

Most hardwood floorboards often deteriorate over time. As such, you must understand that a house with high-foot traffic, running kids and pets, and constant exposure to moisture and temperature changes can result in splintering. Thus, walking on your hardwood floors without shoes may cause foot injuries. That said, sanding down the floorboards helps eliminate the splinters, provided they are not excessively big. You should also consider floor polishing by applying a fresh coat of sealant to protect the new surface.

Wood Discoloration

Unfortunately, the color of your hardwood floors can change due to long-term sun exposure or bleach usage. You may notice the discoloration on the floors near the windows and doors. In other cases, water damage can also instigate hardwood floor discoloration. If left unchecked, the discolored parts may get darker, damaging the wood's look and feel and translating to expensive floor repairs and replacements. However, this can be fixed by using the light sanding technique to remove the discolored parts and applying appropriate floor polishing to restore its beauty and functionality. Always consider contacting a floor polishing expert who can help return your hardwood floors to their former glory.

Large Scratches and Dents

Scratches and dents are common signs that your hardwood floors require refinishing. You must understand that they are inevitable because of the presence of kids and pets running around the house or rearranging furniture when cleaning. While minor scratches are often invisible, significant scratches, dents, and marks on the hardwood floors should be a cause of concern, prompting immediate repair or replacement depending on the severity. However, do not panic. Consider calling in a floor polishing service such as Leo's Holland Floor Maintenance to inspect the damaged floors. There is a chance they may opt to sand down and apply a sealant to protect the wood from further damage. In other cases, they may opt to replace the damaged wood planks.