When Is Soft Washing Better Than Pressure Washing?

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When Is Soft Washing Better Than Pressure Washing?

1 June 2023
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When you need your home's exterior or some exterior elements cleaned, there are a few different approaches that you can choose from. One option is to have the home power washed. Another option is to have the home soft washed. Soft washing is a cleaning technique that uses a less-powerful stream of water, plus cleaning solutions, to remove grime from various surfaces. When is soft washing a better option than power washing? Take a look. 

When Cleaning Roofs

Roofs can get pretty caked with grime including moss, algae, and tree debris. Some people power wash their roofs, but while this certainly gets roofs clean, it can also remove the granules that protect the shingles. Soft washing is a better option for roofs because it can remove the buildup without loosening the granules. Most cleaning companies will use special anti-algae and herbicidal solutions when cleaning the roof in order to ensure they kill these invasive organisms. With the right cleaners, soft washing can get a roof remarkably clean.

When Cleaning a Sunroom

Sunrooms are often made with a lot of windows, screens, and breathable materials. Some parts of a sunroom might be able to hold up to power washing, but others won't. As such, it is usually best to just have a sunroom soft-washed. This way, the cleaners can use the same protocol over the windows, screens, walls, and so forth, rather than risk breaking something if the power washer slips.

When Something Is Really Moldy

Power washing can blast mold away. However, it can sometimes leave behind mold spores in the grooves or pores of the surface you're cleaning. All it takes is a few left-behind mold spores for the mold to grow right back. For this reason, soft washing is usually a better choice than power washing when it comes to addressing mold. The cleaning agents used in soft cleaning are usually specifically designed to kill mold and mold spores. They penetrate into porous surfaces for a more thorough and deep clean. Alternatively, you could blast the surface with a power washer to remove the bulk of the mold and then follow up with a soft wash later on.

Sometimes, soft washing really is a better option than power washing. Rely on this cleaning method for your roof and sunroom, and when cleaning something moldy. Reach out to an exterior cleaning company near you to learn more.